Would like to start Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre?

If you are fitness frick and have passion to start Yoga Studio or Wellness Center, we will help you in building your business.

We are offering Franchises at your location. Sungrace Yoga will help you to setup a Studio, will provide initial training, will extend the opportunities to attend Seminars and Workshops conducted by top most institutes. We will help you to purchase required Props and Yoga related instruments at discounted price from our vendors.

As you will be using “SUNGRACE YOGA” brand, we will have your branch entry on our website and while Promoting / Digital Marketing your branch address will be mentioned. This will help you to get more quality leads.

Following are the requirements / terms and conditions to start your business .

1. You should have 300+ Sq. Ft. closed space, where Yoga studio can be setup
2. You have to use Sungrace Yoga as a brand and need to pay the royalty of 30% of the fee received from the client.
3. All the admission process should be transperent to both the parties.
4. Your center will be counseling and attending inquiries along with generating new leads. Sungrace Yoga will forward inquiries from your area to your center.


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