In today’s competitive world, stress is one of the most common health problem we all are facing. Stress might be due to many reasons like trying to prove that we are ahead in race of others, reaching to office on time in heavy traffic, competition of targets at workplace , family problems at home or financial problems etc.
The intensity of stress is high or low depending on how a person deal with it. There is Positive stress, which help us to achieve goals, but on the other hand Negative stress that lead to unhealthy mind and body.
There are different types of stress which everyone of us deal with every day. 1) Physical Stress 2) Psychological Stress 3) Physiological Stress. And this stress affect us either physically or mentally. For example Physical Stress can lead to “indigestion” , “headache” , “migraine” , “arthritis” , “joint pains” etc.

How Yoga and Pranayam will help in this?

Yoga and Pranayam provides one of the most comprehensive and effective solution on this problem, and one of of the most natural way to deal with stress.
The senses are directly controlled by the mind. Therefore, to control the senses one has to control the mind. one has to be calm and peaceful, once the mind is in the state of Meditation, the senses are under control.
The practice of Yoga and Pranayam harmonizes the body and mind. Deep breathing helps to relax the body & mind, it tries to detach one self from the worries of the external world. The changes are automatically felt in routine life, the body and mind get used to being relaxed, calm and stress free. Lot of strength and energy get possessed, so in whatever the situation body remains free from diseases and calm, peaceful mind.
Each one of us should be able to practice Yoga and Pranayam daily together with Meditation. Due to which our mind and body will be calm, peaceful and will help us to transform the negative stress in to the positive energy.

We should also remember that DIET is one of the important part that help us to release stress. Eating habit should be changed, “SATTVIC” food is the best food to destress. Avoid fast food, left over, street food and junk food. Having fruits and green vegetables in your diet, keeps your mind and body completely stress free.
Thus releasing stress naturally with the combination of Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Diet will definitely make a person healthy and full of energy.

If you would like to buy and read a book on Yoga, click this link : “BKS Iyengar Yoga The Path to Holistic Health: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide”
Watch a small Video of 7 minutes from NDTV Good Times, which you can try at home, we advise you to perform the activity under experts guidance and supervision.


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