We all facing the Corona Virus ravage since 2020, seen many lockdowns and stayed at home to keep ourselves safe from the virus. However, the vaccine is available in the market and Govt. has plans to vaccinate everyone in the country. There is limited stock of vaccine, hence they have started giving the vaccine to the groups in certain age groups (like 60 and above, then 45 and above etc). You have to take two doses of the vaccine. Maintain the gap between the two vaccines, the next dose date is given when you take the first dose.

By the time Govt. is arranging vaccines, and we are waiting to get a slot for vaccination. We can start preparing our Body and Mind for the vaccine dose. Yoga and Meditation will help to reduce stress and improves the efficacy of the vaccine.

There is a research study in the USA proved that Exercise/Yoga, Diet, Meditation, Sleep affects efficacy. If you are doing Yoga, Meditation, sleeping well and following a good diet, it will help to create more antibodies or help us to prepare emotionally and physically to improve our immune system.

The studies they examined document how stress, depression and poor health behaviours can negatively affect the body’s immune response to vaccination.

Getting ready for the COVID-19 vaccine? 

Here are five tips that may help:

  • Manage stress through exercise (Yoga for 30 min) and mindfulness meditation for 15 min
  • Get enough sleep (7 to 8 hours)
  • Quit tobacco and alcohol use before and after vaccination (min 7 days)
  • Improve our diet – use green leaf veggies and colourful veggies locally available, it contains antioxidants, include yogurt in the diet.
  • Seek professional help for depression, if any. There are many mediums available to stay connected with friends and family.


You can read the article on this research here -> https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/blog/how-can-stress-affect-covid19-immune-response

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