Why Yoga Therapy with Props?

I am a Yoga practitioner, but due to some reason, I developed stiffness in my cervical region.

I knew a few traditional asanas which I thought that would give relief to my pain in the neck until then I was introduced to a new way of practising asanas which were with the props.

When I started practising the asanas with the help of props, I found I was getting good relief, within few days my pain & stiffness was really in control and I was confident of moving my neck especially up & down.

This type of practice is called therapy yoga (with the help of props). I enjoyed the use of props since I had weakness in a particular area. It helped me to improve my posture of the spine. It also helped to regain strength in my shoulders and arms. Since I was not able to practice any of the traditional asanas which include like forward bends & backward bends, I started practising these asanas with props.

With the help of props, I started becoming more stable, relaxed and staying into the asana longer. To gain more benefits, staying into the asanas for at least few minutes is very important.

Why make use of Props?

Introduction to props was done by a renowned Yogi BKS Iyengar, who developed a range of / types of equipment to help the practitioner to go into proper posture & to gain maximum benefits of the asanas.

With the help of props :

  • The practitioner can perform difficult asanas independently
  • The practitioner can go deep into the asanas to investigate more about the asanas
  • Maximum benefits can be achieved by staying into the posture
  • Can do challenging asanas in a relaxed mode
  • Maintaining the correct alignment during the asana practice

A big thank you to great Guruji who helped people like me to continue my Yoga practice, which otherwise would have stopped completely due to my postural deformities.

The conclusion is that try and find out ways and means to exercise the mind and body. Remove the misconception from your mind that we cannot practice asanas if we are weak, unhealthy or stiff.

It is important to do the Yoga practice under a Certified Yoga Guide/ Trainer / Teacher to give you proper knowledge about it.

Tip : Practitioner should not develop a dependency on the props, but props should be used intelligently to perform more mature & mindful asana practice.

We at Sungrace Yoga is always there to help you and guide, we have all the required props at our studio. We do conduct Yoga Therapy sessions with props at our studio, visit : Yoga Classes Page, Click here

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